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Reading your kid's school emails
is a full-time job

ParentWrap sifts through your emails from teachers, coaches, and after-school staff, then gives you a summary with just the important bits.

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Step 1

Forward emails

Forward all school, teacher, coach, and after-care emails to ParentWrap.

Step 2

Find useful info

ParentWrap looks for deadlines, to-dos, and other important notes.

Step 3

Receive summary

Get an email in your inbox every afternoon with all the notes you need.

What it looks like

From: ParentWrap
To: Fred Rogers (
Subject: 🗂️ Digest for Tuesday, Dec 19

Important Dates

For the week of January 8

  1. Pajama Day Just Added

    Alice should wear their favorite pajamas for the day at school.

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  2. Adopt-a-family gift drop-off deadline

    All gifts should be dropped at the doorway to the multi-purpose room no later than 10am on January 11th.

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Action Items

To-do items to keep in mind

  1. Volunteer for luncheon Just Added

    There is a teacher and staff appreciation luncheon in January that you can sign up for. Sign up to volunteer here.

  2. This week's homework

    The Math pages are from the Home Connections Workbook, and the spelling words can be written on any piece of paper.

Other Notes

Opportunities to be involved and other information

  1. Teacher aides needed

    Julie's class needs help on Wed and Fri next week during the lunch hour. Parent sign up sheet.

  2. Drop-off location changed

    After-school drop-off is now located at the rear lot, rather than the front.

    map of new dropoff location View on map

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"I can't tell you how much time this thing saves me every week. Rather than sifting through my inbox to find out which day Pajama Day is, ParentWrap just tells me. (It's this Thursday, by the way)"

Julie Annvale Mom in California

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